Security Tips to Avoid Online Fraud

Vintage Bank has implemented the latest technology to ensure security on our website. By following the tips below, you can help ensure that your online experience stays safe.

1. Never send personal or account information via email.
Vintage Bank will never ask you for personal information or account information via an email or email link.

2. Never access our website via an email link.
Vintage Bank will never ask you to log on to our site via an email link. To access our site, always type our address ( in your web browser.

3. Vintage Bank will never call you and ask for your account information, user ID or password.

4. Monitor your account activity frequently.
By telebanking or by logging on to our secure online banking site, you may check your account information and ensure that there is no unusual activity.

5. Report suspicious emails or unauthorized account activity immeditaley.
If you ever suspect that a fraudulent email has been sent to you or if you believe that you have been subject to unauthorized activity on your account, call your local branch immediately.