Statement of Online Privacy Practices

Vintage Bank recognizes that customer information is confidential and personal. Management takes specific steps to protect the privacy of information about you and your account. You may count on us to protect your information with a high level of security and appropriate discretion. We acknowledge that our bank collects, retains, and uses information about its customers where management deems it useful (and permitted by law) to further our business efforts.

The Board of Directors of Vintage Bank has adopted specific personal data protection principles which detail our institution's handling of personal information. The Board of Directors, management, and staff of Vintage Bank place a high priority on the confidentiality of customer information. It is our intent to protect information provided by you as our customer. All members of our management team have reviewed, discussed, and analyzed the implementation of these practices with respect to their areas of assigned responsibility.

Vintage Bank has established in-depth security standards and procedures to protect customer information against unauthorized access. These controls and procedures are periodically reviewed and tested to ensure that these practices or processes serve our primary mission to protect confidential information.

On certain occasions, customer information may be provided to a third party that has an appropriate reason to request such information. The third party receiving such information must adhere to the privacy principles that cover confidentiality of such information. Disclosure to an independent third party of personal, confidential information or other personally identifiable data is not allowed except where the exchange occurs with a reputable information-reporting agency.

Information exchange with reporting agencies is deemed important to maximize the accuracy and detail of information reported. In certain situations, information is provided as detailed in the following specific situations:
• Per customer request, data are provided to help complete a customer-approved transaction.
• Disclosure is required by law (e.g. court order, investigation, or fraudulent investigation).
• Customer has been informed of the possibility of disclosure of information for marketing or similar purposes, and has had the opportunity to approve or decline in prior written communication.
Statement of Data Protection Principles
• We will collect only information, which is necessary for performing bank business on your behalf.
• When and where practical, we will collect personal information directly from you.
• We will use or disclose only that information about you that is consistent with your directions and expectations, or is in the public interest (general banking, loan or account relationships and your performance per previously agreed-upon terms and conditions).
• We will keep information secure.
• We will be open with you about the kinds of personal information we hold and what we do with it.

Vintage Bank website visitors will remain anonymous. We do not collect identifying information about visitors to our site. We may use standard software to collect non-identifying information about visitors to our website, such as:
- Date and time our site was accessed
- IP address (a numeric address given to servers connected to the internet)
- Web browser used
If we collect such information, we will use it to create summary statistics and to determine the level of interest in information available on our site.

Some areas of our website may use "cookie" technology to place information about your visits to our site on your computer in a text file that only our website server can read. These cookies help you to be recognized in later visits to our site.

Children's Privacy

Vintage Bank advocates the protection of children's identities and privacy online. In that regard, this website is not directed to children. Furthermore, Vintage Bank does not knowingly market its products and services to children, nor does it knowingly solicit data from children.

Site Security

Visitors may elect to provide us with personal information via E-mail or other electronic means. Our site is a secure location with encryption devices to help protect your private information. E-mails sent from within our site are considered secure; e-mails sent from your personal e-mail server may not be, and you should be careful about e-mailing personal information.

If at any time you have a concern about information security, you may contact us through E-mail at, call our institution at 972-935-5200, fax our Customer Service Department at 972-935-5201, or write Vintage Bank, P. O. Box 557, Waxahachie, Texas 75168-0557.

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