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FDIC Electronic Deposit Insurance Calculator

Please note that this link to the FDIC estimator will take you to a website that is not managed by Vintage Bank.

Report lost stolen debit card to 1 800 500 1044

Vintage Bank Mobile Banking App

To enable your mobile device for Vintage Bank mobile banking, follow these steps:

  1. Before you can enable your account for the Vintage Bank mobile banking app, you must be signed up for online banking. To sign up for online banking, simply click on the Online Banking Log In link on the home page of our website, and then choose Sign up for online banking link next to the Login ID box. Once you're signed up for online banking, you're ready to move to step 2.
  2. Log in to your online banking account and then choose the Mobile Banking link in the left hand column under Account Summary mobile banking
  3. On the Mobile Banking page, you'll see a list of your Vintage Bank accounts. Choose the accounts that you wish to be able to access through the mobile app. Click Save Changes.Then click on Continue to Mobile mobile banking
  4. On the Mobile Banking Center page that appears after you've completed step 3, click the Enroll Mobile Device link. click mobile banking

    Then enter your mobile phone number for the device that you wish to enroll, select your carrier, and read the Mobile Banking Terms and Conditions. If you are satisfied with the terms and conditions, indicate that you understand them and agree to them by checking the appropriate check box. Click Continue to proceed or Cancel to cease the enrollment mobile banking
  5. If you clicked Continue in step 4, you will arrive at the Mobile Banking Options page. Here, select the options that you wish to use. You may learn more about each option. Click Continue when you are mobile banking
  6. On the Enrollment Complete page, you will see confirmation of your mobile device's phone number, your mobile carrier and an activation mobile banking
  7. Check your mobile device for a link to follow to enter your activation code. Once you follow the link on your mobile device and enter the activation code, you will then be able to view accounts, transfer funds and more on our mobile website. If you wish to bypass your mobile device's Internet browser and access your account through our mobile application, click the Download the App link.
  8. Follow your device's specific procedure for installing and opening the app that downloads to your device.
  9. When you first launch your new Vintage Bank mobile banking app, you will need to enter the activation code again, it is the same code that you used in step 6.
  10. Note that your mobile app login ID and password are the same as your online banking login ID and password.
  11. That's it. You are now set to bank with us whenever you wish, wherever you are.