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Advanced Online Authentication

Often on websites that require you to login, you enter your User ID and password on a single login page.

To help protect customers from fraud, Vintage Bank's Advanced Online Authentication breaks this process into two steps: first, you'll enter your Login ID (also known as a User ID) and then click "

You'll then be taken to a page that will allow you to enter your password, and on this page will appear a PassMark to show you that you are on the authentic Vintage Bank website.

What's a PassMark?
A PassMark is a combination of an image from our image library along with a caption that you write for the image. You'll create a PassMark just once when you first login to our new Online Banking system.

How does this help with security?
With your own unique PassMark that you create, you'll always be able to confirm that you are on the authentic Vintage Bank website before you enter your password. This process will help you to avoid being tricked into handing over your account information on a fraudulent website.